Our Volunteers

In essence the survival of Kenya Care Wear is made from those making time and effort away from their busy daily lives to assist in the everyday running of Kenya Care Wear.From the start this has been a vision to help those less fortunate and to send all income made back to the poorest, we are non- profit organization and to achieve this there are no administration costs

There are a large number of “quiet achievers” working behind the scenes all dedicating their time and efforts. The work involves

  • Fabric buyer
  • Accountingbrenda teaching sewing
  • Sewing teaching
  • Marketing
  • Concepts and design
  • Web designer and manager
  • Fund raisers
  • Business mentoring
  • Party hosts
  • Party and market assistance
  • Graphic designers
  • Photographers

The volunteers are like a ripple in a pool – it starts as a small dip and then radiates.

We will be always be thankful for those who support us. It is a journey in which we all share.


If you would like to join the “Kenya Care Wear” volunteers or perhaps consider  hosting a Kenya Care Wear Party we would love to hear from you.