Our Projects

 Milami Primary School, Joska (a registered Community Title school)

KCW and friends have raised funds for infrastructure such as:

  • New latrines and renovation of existing ones.new latrines
  • Staff room and storage room
  • Additional land for classroom expansion and play area
  • School text books and sport equipment
  • School kitchen and cooking utensils and ovens.
  • Teacher support and training
  • Electricity connection & classroom lighting and ventilation
  • Replace classroom mud floors with concrete floors
  • Additional classrooms to complete all levels of primary classes
  • Teenage girls personal hygiene support and personal health programs
  • Secondary Education Scholarship for selected high achieving graduating students who could not afford fees.
  • Medical expenses of child requiring help not affordable by family.
  • Fruit to supplement the feeding programme
  • Mentoring support for Directors in management
  • Uniform and shoes sponsorship for needy students

Maintaining viability of the school is the responsibility of the School Board. From our platform of support they have recently begun development of permanent classrooms.

Mathare, Nairobi

A ‘temporary settlement’ (slum) of about 450,000 people:

KCW and friends Support the work of Ps Ezekiel Aseka in ministering to the needs of residents, including

  • Emergency aid to fire victims
  • Preschool land purchase and rebuild including provision of sewered toilets for students and staff.
  • Baby care land purchase
  • Purchase of cooking utensils for preschool feeding programme.
  • Purchase and development of plot as Clean water and toilet facility. Providing affordable clean water, clean toilets environment and washing facilities within a safe environment that is maintained and staffed 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • Purchase of plot to house teaching programme in simple carpentry skills
  • Secure underground storage for preschool and church equipment in iron sheet buildings

Sewing project  Kenya Care Wear brand:

Teach sewing skills to women with limited education and work skills and girls in gap year between secondary and tertiary education.ladies at work

  • Provide employment opportunity in manufacture of clothing and homeware items for sale in Australia and locally in Kenya
  • Teach tailoring skills to facilitate expansion of local business opportunities
  • Provide a clean safe work environment for fellowship and production
  • Provide sewing machines furniture and equipment
  • Sponsored Entrepreneur training course
  • Mentoring in Pastoring, Business development and management

Kisii – Western Kenya – Preschool

  • Provided funds to build waterproof classrooms for established preschoolfirst door mat
  • Provided funds for cement floors to protect from jiggers
  • Assisted with solar lighting to classrooms and homes.

Friends of Kenya Care Wear have also provided scholarships and assistance to other individuals in need throughout Kenya for training in Catering, Theology, Hotel Management,  Driving-  as the need arises and is assessed as worthy of support.

Other projects are currently under consideration.