Friends of KCW

“Friends of Kenya Care Wear” came about through the generous commitment and donations from supporters wishing to help financially in some way.

We could not have achieved so much without their generosity

  • MIlami School – Joska, Kenya
  • Mathare Slums – Nairobi, Kenya

. If you would like to be part of the Kenya Care Wear Family below is a guideline of the ongoing costs and sponsorships that we can offer.These are varied and range in costs.

At Milami School – for students who are not able to afford school fees

  1. Fees vary depending on grade but range from 14,000/- to 19,000/- per year. Including the feeding program lunch each day. This is $ 200.00 – 275 .00 AU @ current exchange rate.
    Primary students start Nursery grade at age 3 and complete primary school at Standard 8, 11 years later. There is a public exam on completion of Standard 8.
  1. Texts for a child for a year cost about $AU100.00
  1. Uniform (shirt, shorts, or tunic and sweater) for a primary child in need costs about $A 25. Add a tracksuit for sports at $A 25 and school shoes at $A20. Sport shoes are about $A 15. Total uniform Costs: $AU 85.00

At Milami School general recurring needs:

  1. Footballs (they wear out quickly, even the all weather ones) about $A 40.00 each
  1. Bibles used as a class text (these are on the textbook list but not many can afford all the list) about $AU13.00 each or $AU 390 .00 for a class set.
  1. Texts for teachers – any amount helpful.
  1. Fruit for a day to supplement the feeding program – e.g. 320 bananas $AU30.00
  1. Sanitary pads for senior girls at 450/- per child per year (usually about 20 girls) cost is $AU 130.00 per year

Sponsoring Milami graduates into secondary school or polytechnic

  1. For strong academic candidates who have not been able to afford to pay primary fees, we offer secondary fee support to 60,000/- ksh pa for the 4 years of secondary education. This is about $AU850.00 per year – This covers boarding school – the favoured and most common option here. Local transport is not reliable and school days start early and finish late. In boarding the kids are safe and well fed and do long days in school.We require the supported families to find a school within this budget and this is considered reasonable right now though fees are increasing each year and the Australian dollar is not strong. Students are sponsored one on one with term reports and a letter to sponsor each term. The actual fees payable are paid direct to the school based on the fee schedule supplied by the school. We do not give cash to students or their families. The families need to pay transport and uniform and extras for boarding.

    We also require that students score a C grade or better. If two terms are below that grade the sponsorship is withdrawn.

  1. For other students in economic hardship we have offered support at a Polytechnic College for trade training. This is not popular culturally but has been good for those we have helped. The students are aged about 15 years when they complete primary so this sees them enter the workforce sooner than students struggling through secondary.Annual fees vary according to the skill sought but range from about 7,000 to 17,000/- per year, $AU100.00-250.00 per year PLUS boarding and exams fees of $AU 250.00 per year.  Day school is not an option for Milami graduates.

Preschool in the Slums.

  1. Help with feeding these children is sought. Feeding all 120 children for one day costs about $AU25.00 There are about 65 days in each term.
  1. lementing the feeding program with a serving of fruit costs about $AU20.00 a day.
  1. Uniform for a preschool child costs about the same as students at Milami Primary school except there is no tracksuit requirement. $AU60.00
  1. Textbooks are bought for the teacher, rather than each student, and any assistance is of great help. Teaching is done on a blackboard.
  1. Stationery such as exercise books and pencils for the students would cost about $AU60.00 for one each for the whole school.

Other projects

Each other project is different and is quoted before commencement. An allowance of 10% is made for supervision by our man in the district (white faces need to keep away or costs increase). We also allow a contingency sum on top of the quote as something always occurs along the way. The donor is given full acquittal and photos of the project underway and on completion.

These costs are a guideline only:

  1. Small public toilet block, connected to sewer, in Mathare slum approximately $AU4000.00 including purchase of plot and construction of facility. Cost will vary most depending on location and availability of a plot.
    This project also provides employment for two supervisors.
  1. Treadle sewing machine for graduate of KCW sewing classes $AU100.00 – to set up small business providing sewing services.
  1. Solar lights for those who cannot afford electricity connection – about $AU20.00 each.
  1. Other projects will be advised as they arise and we seek help with funding.