About Us

Kenya Care Wear is the not for profit venture of two Australian friends, Brenda Allsop and Kathryn Hall. Our aim is to provide twofold support:
1. Empower individuals by providing small-scale business opportunities in sewing and jewelry making. Our products are made in Kenya, by Kenyans working for fair pay in enjoyable conditions.
2. Apply any profit generated from sales to the provision of aid to schools, clinics and community initiatives that benefit the disadvantaged in semi-rural and city slums of Kenya.

Brenda is living in Nairobi, Kenya as a self-funded retiree. She was an accountant and business woman in Australia and has a hands-on approach, and is able to assess, deal directly and monitor the ventures.
Kathryn is a business woman in Sydney and is responsible for raising awareness and inspiring philanthropy in those she meets to help with these projects. All proceeds go to Kenya in direct support of our ongoing projects